Getting back to work or training: our new course will empower people to overcome barriers to returning

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For our private counselling service of the same name (Mindful Futures CIC), please visit Our free funded counselling service can still be accessed here.

Project manager and therapist Claudia Aldersley (left), therapist Moira Reilly (centre) and Parenting 2000 Chief Executive Officer Janine Hyland (right)

People in Merseyside who want to get back into work can now enjoy expert support thanks to Parenting 2000.

The charity is running a new course, Mindful Futures, designed to offer a nurturing and creative space to overcome psychological barriers to returning to work or training.

Mindful Futures is a confidence building course to help those who are out of work improve their employment prospects.

The course has a very different approach to other employment courses as rather than focusing on the obvious practical skills, the focus is on helping people to overcome any psychological barriers that cause people to lack confidence in returning to work or education.