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Parenting 2000 offer a wide range of support and services delivered from three locations across Sefton.  Please click the web links below for more information.

What others say about our services

On our Therapeutic & Counselling Services…

“I attended counselling at Parenting 2000 due to the lasting effects of a trauma I had suffered months earlier. I can wholeheartedly say that the sessions really helped with my emotional healing process and I would recommend Parenting 2000 for this service.”

“My experience with Parenting 2000 Therapeutic Services has been monumental in giving me back strength and confidence.  Before starting the sessions I felt completely weighed down with stress and anxiety.  I now feel I have hope in making my future a happier one.”

“I received counselling with Parenting 2000 and now I feel so much better. I’m a better mum and understand myself.”

On our parenting courses…

“It’s made me more open and less embarrassed”

“It’s made my relationship with my two daughters even better”

On our services as a whole…

“Parenting 2000 really helped me and my son have a better relationship”

“Parenting 2000 helped me get in touch with people who helped me build my skills”

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