COVID-19 Health Declaration

Each staff member, contractor and visitor must confirm on the date of their intended attendance that all 7 statements are true and apply on the relevant day BEFORE being being admitted into the workplace.

You will not be admitted to the workplace unless you have sent us a confirmed Declaration for the day concerned. 

If you are unable to sign the Declaration because not all of the statements apply to you, then you will not be able to enter the workplace. There is space in the comments section below to let us know more details.

I declare and confirm that to the best of my knowledge on the above date that:

1. I do not have a continuous cough;
2. I do not have a high temperature;
3. I have not lost my sense of taste or smell;
4. I do not feel generally unwell;
5. I am not waiting for Covid-19 test results;
6. I have not come into contact with anyone who is now confirmed or suspected to be positive for Covid-19; and
7. I have been complying with all of the Government’s social distancing rules at all times.