Alchemy’s 5 Top Tips for Studying at Home

In these challenging times we know that a lot of us have had to adapt the way we work, learn and study. After speaking with several of our young people we are hearing that many of them are unsure of how to get themselves motivated and in the right mind set for learning and working at home.  If you feel the same way, we have come up with five tips to help you achieve your learning goals at home.

Tip 1:  Set up a positive study area

You want to create a space within your home that allows you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You want to minimise any distractions so that you can get your work done efficiently so that you have plenty of time to relax and have fun.

We also recommend you keep this space out of your bedroom if possible as this is where you sleep and you don’t want to confuse the two.

Tip 2: Plan your study session

Give your study time some structure and make a timetable of your day. Plan what subject you will work on and when. Be realistic on what you can achieve today. Think “I am really going to work on English for 5 hours?”, no you are probably not. Try and study for between 40 to 50-minute time slots, as it is similar to what you do in school. Plan in regular breaks but don’t fall into the trap that this is an extended holiday as you still have work and deadlines to complete. Look at your workload and see when things are due in, and start with the earliest deadline.

We know it is a stressful time at the moment and there are often many other pressures and things that are taking up your time. So don’t pressure yourself too much but try to study at home to the best of your ability.

Tip 3: Think about what you need

Now you have a plan of what you will be working on; what will you need? Are there specific text books you need or do you need to use the internet for research or to access online school work? Will you need a pen, paper and highlighters? Do you need a calculator for maths or science? Its best to be prepared then you’re not interrupting your study time looking around the house for the correct resources or equipment.

If you need something and you don’t have it at home, don’t panic. Ask your school if you can borrow some supplies or if they can provide any work on paper/ worksheets if you don’t have access to the internet. Try to give them as much notice as possible as it may take a little bit of time to get the resources or equipment to you.

Tip 4: Avoid distractions

We now have a study area, plan and the things we need, however we need to make sure we are free from distractions before we begin to study. This can be difficult but you can do it and remember you want to be as efficient as possible.

You need to be truthful with yourself and ask “will my phone distract me?”, “Am I likely to check it and go on social media?”.  If the answer is a yes or maybe, then switch it off or turn off notifications if you need the internet on it for your work.

Are there any other things in the house that could distract you? Pets, siblings etc. Maybe speak with your parents/guardians, and explain that for the next so many hours you will be studying so please could you not be disturbed.

You could help limit getting distracted with noise by wearing headphones. You could listen to music (if this doesn’t distract you from work) or just wear them to muffle out sound.

Tip 5: Ask for help when needed

Don’t forget you are not alone in this. If you are struggling and are unsure what work you need to complete or how to do it, then ask for help.

The first port of call should be your teacher or school. There are also other places and people you can ask for help and support. These could be your friends and class mates if they have the same work or your parents or family.

We here at Alchemy are also here to help you. If you are worried and struggling let us know we might be able to help or signpost to the right place. There are also places online offering support and guidance on school work you can try, for example BBC Bitesize

We hope these tips can help you, remember you’re not alone and if you need any help or support at this time please speak to us.

By Sarah See