Christmas 2016 Opening Hours

Our last day of opening before Christmas will be on Thursday 22 December 2016.  We will be back open again in the new year on Tuesday 3 January 2017.

Following on from last year’s success, Alchemy, Southport will be open again during the festive period, serving hot meals and beverages to the homeless community and those who have financial problems. The Christmas Shelter will be open Friday 23 – Tuesday 27 December 2016 between 9am and 2pm.

Date Office Hours Southport
Christmas Shelter
Monday 19 – Thursday 22 December 2016 Normal hours
(9am – 5pm)
Friday 23 December 2016 Closed 9am – 2pm
Saturday 24 December 2016
(Christmas Eve)
Closed 9am – 2pm
Sunday 25 December 2016
(Christmas Day)
Closed 9am – 2pm
Monday 26 December 2016
(Boxing Day)
Closed 9am – 2pm
Tuesday 27 December 2016
(Bank Holiday)
Closed 9am – 2pm
Wednesday 28 – Friday 30 December 2016 Closed
Saturday 31 December 2016
(New Year’s Eve)
Sunday 1 January 2017
(New Year’s Day)
Monday 2 January 2017
(Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 3 January 2017 onward Normal hours
(9am – 5pm)


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