Therapeutic Counselling Services

Counselling case studies

School referred my son to Parenting 2000 for therapy following a trauma, as a young child he was struggling to cope with all his thoughts and feelings which were having a massive negative effect on his behaviour.

The therapist was so patient, caring and understanding helping him work through everything in child centred play based therapy and really made a massive difference. I started to see my happy, calmer boy coming back again.

We self-referred our daughter for counselling at an extremely low point for our family. Our youngest daughter was 11 and had been experiencing extreme anxiety around attending school, we felt largely unsupported by services and the school. Lily was very sceptical about how it would help her and was very angry , she blamed the school for how she felt, Lily would not allow us to use the word anxiety. Lily’s anger could be destructive (pulled down blinds and broke things) and at times physical.

Lily was not an easy service user for Claudia. She could be sometimes hostile and stubborn, there was one session that she refused to speak at all! Claudia was just so amazing at understanding what Lily was feeling, even when she struggled to find the words herself and communicated this back to her in an empathetic way. Lily became convinced that Claudia could read her mind! At the beginning, Claudia used a lot of craft and drawing which relaxed Lily and from the pictures she drew, it became obvious that Lily had deep fears that went beyond her being anxious attending school. This meant that Claudia was able to effectively deal with, not only the symptoms of Lily’s anxiety, but also the reasons why.

What started as counselling for anxiety led to a lot of support around Lily accepting her referral and subsequent diagnosis for autism. Lily did not want to be autistic, she did not want to be different. Claudia helped Lily accept that it didn’t change who she was and helped Lily understand the traits that had affected her life. We also had family counselling which changed how we approached things. My husband later took part in some teenage parent classes as him and Lily would clash (their difficulties were very similar) which put a massive strain on our family; the classes where so helpful for him to understand the teenage brain and actions. They are now extremely close, you couldn’t get a tighter bond between a father and daughter.

Lily has a high self-awareness of what motivates or causes her to act and think in the way that she does, she no longer blames others and she doesn’t have the same level of anger. She accepts that she is autistic and is open and vocal about her difficulties which prevents her from becoming overwhelmed. During year 8, Lily’s attendance at school was 11% on a part time timetable. I am delighted to say that she has started in a specialist provision for children with autism and her attendance currently for year 9 is 100% on a full day timetable. We are very realistic that Lily is going to have some up and down’s but we know that the many strategies she developed whilst at parenting 2000 will help her overcome any adversity she may face.

We can’t thank Claudia at Parenting 2000 enough, she literally changed our lives and made our little family stronger.