Crosby Youth Club

The Crosby Centre, 58 Coronation Road, Crosby, L23 5RQ

Alchemy at our Crosby site is a fun and safe space for all. Our building has lots of wonderful facilities such as a large sports hall, training room, working kitchen, chill areas and arts & craft spaces.

Alchemy is a great place to come and meet your mates and make new ones. We offer a wide variety of activities run by our session staff.

You can come along and get involved in the activities we have put on, or just chill with your mates.

Just listen to what our Crosby members have to say about us

Everyone is friendly and we include all in activities such as art and crafts, sport and music.

Mia, age 15

There are gender natural toilets here and as a transgender male I feel included and more comfortable in my gender identity Everyone call me by my preferred name and pro-noun too.

Max, aged 12

You can be yourself here, you can have fun and a laugh with your mates, there are no stresses.

Evan, age 15