Parenting 2000 Therapeutic Services Referral (Child aged 15 years and under)

Please complete the below form to refer a child (15 years and under) for counselling/therapy with Parenting 2000 Therapeutic Services.

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Thank you for completing the referral form.

Before sending us this referral, please read the following on how the information you have given is processed and stored:

  • All the information provided on this form, including any further follow-up information, is kept safe and securely.
  • Parenting 2000 works in partnership in Sefton with other psychological mental health organisations to provide an “Improving Access to Psychological Therapies” (IAPT) – Children & Young People service in the borough.
  • Client records from Parenting 2000 and the IAPT Partners are stored and shared on a secure single cloud based database system.
  • The IAPT partnership staff who have accessed to your records are bound by the strictest confidential protocols.

By sending us this completed referral, you are confirming that you agree to the above privacy/data statement.

We aim to be in contact within 72 hours to acknowledge receipt and to ask any further related follow-up questions to see which therapeutic service is suitable (group work, 1-1, parenting course etc). We will not add your referral to our waiting list until follow up information has been given.