Our Team


Nigel Bellamy, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Paul Booth, Social Value and Sustainability Lead

Bernadette Cox, Training and Development Lead

Sue Holden, Youth Justice Lead

Steve McDermott, Safeguarding Lead

Dr Jeremy Swinson, Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Julie Wallis, Perinatal Wellbeing Lead


Janine Hyland, Chief Executive

Christina McGarrigle, Finance & HR Officer

Carole Holt, Administrator

Zac Creig, Administrator

Leah O’Hanlon, Administrator & Youth Worker

Robert Aughton, IT & Administration Officer

Paul Kay, Sites Manager

Roma Donkor, Senior Early Help Family Practitioner

Julie Doyle, Early Help Family Practitioner

Amy Gilbert, Early Help Family Practitioner

Christine Cowan, Peer Mentor

Stephen Harper, Peer Mentor

Chris Dickinson, Child Safety Equipment Fitter

Shannon Bryan, Head of Youth & Community Programmes

Konnie Turner, Youth Lead & Detached Youth Mentor

Rosie, Youth Worker

Jay, Youth Worker & Resident DJ

Pippa, Youth Worker on Placement

Meryem, Youth Worker

Claudia Aldersley, Therapeutic Lead

Amelia Dillon, Therapist

Beth Pepper, Trainee Therapist

Caroline Owen, Therapist

Claire Caldow, Trainee Therapist

Donna Lee, Therapist

Gill Roberts, Therapist

Hayley Moran, Therapist

Heather Rimmer, Therapist

Janet Hill, Therapist

Janet Thomson-Howe, Therapist

Jan Webster, Therapist

Joanne Williams, Therapist

Kim Balmer, Therapist

Lucinda Tabibi, Trainee Therapeutic Play Practitioner

Moira Reilly, Therapist

Natalie O’Brien, Trainee Therapist

Stuart Flanagan, Therapist


Chris, Administration Assistant

Barbara, Community Engagement & Events Assistant

Dr Jeremy Swinson, our Psychologist in residence

Read more about Jeremy here.